Welcome to the website of the Emmausz Community!

The Emmausz Community is a catholic, charismatic community, it was founded by Fr. István Katona in 1979 in Budapest. It received the ecclesiastical approval as a „Private Association of Christians” through Cardinal László Paskai 1991.
Aims and Purposes of the community: evangelization through various means: newspaper (Marana Tha), publishing books, music and didactic CD-s, through the radio „Maria”. We also practice other forms of evangelization: courses of faith enrichment, seminars and healing prayer services.
Emmausz is made up of 33 prayer groups which meet weekly. We serve the sick people, we do musical and singing services, and held prayers of atonement for the conversion of the world.
We consider the biblical knowledge, the use of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, important. We also conduct a one-day spiritual exercise monthly and a 5-day retreat yearly.
Our community provides a spiritual resource for those who have found new life in the Holy Spirit, those who found here a new life in Christ contribute with their services to the functioning of the community.
It was a spiritual resource also for those, who heard here the call of God over the past 28 years and followed it to the priesthood or to religious orders. Some also heard the call of the Spirit to establish other prayer communities, such as New Jerusalem, Land of Love, St. Michael, Eight Beatitudes.
Members of our community can be lay believers, priests, members of religious orders, single individuals or married couples.
We also wish to be of help to those who work outside our community in local parishes or in various types of social or spiritual work.